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How to build a better restaurant website.

This website is for busy restaurateurs that need to build a website that works.

The restaurant owner is the captain of the ship, and the captain needs to know how to do every job on board. The website is no exception.

Most restaurant websites are poorly done, sometimes by a member of the restaurant staff on the cheap, or by a professional web design company that will charge way too much without understanding the special website requirements of an eatery.

What restaurateurs need to know to make the right website decisions.

This website won’t make you a technology expert.

Our goal is to help the restaurant owner or manager understand the process so they can make the right decisions to effectively promote an eatery online.

We will share what we have learned from building dozens of websites, including several very successful restaurant websites that we have developed over the years.

We will show you what to focus on and what to avoid to build a website that will make your visitors happy and the search engines like Google will see as valuable information.

The Restaurant website paradox

Besides your menu, what other information can you put on a restaurant website?

Your website visitors are always hungry (sometimes are even hangry) and do not care about anything other than the food you serve, your prices, and where you are located.

Bubbas Restaurant Menu Index

Bubbas Restaurant Menu Index

How can you please both the search engines and your website visitors?

Website rule of thumb #1: More content is better.

How can you fill up a restaurant website with enough quality information to look like a legitimate website to Google?

Restaurant websites always have a relatively small amount of information on them, compared to other food topic websites like cooking and shopping sites.

Structure of a Restaurant Website

restaurant website diagram

Making Visitors Happy

Your visitors want to see all of the food and drink possibilities you offer, including food and drink specials. People should get the information they want quickly, but then have a reason to come back later.

Making Search Engines Happy

Google wants a well-organized website about a single specific topic with lots of quality information that keeps people on your website for a long time. It should be tied into the local website ecosystem – linked to and from other local websites – so that you are seen as important to local area searches.

Restaurant Website Case Studies

RestaurantWebGuide.com features two case studies of successful restaurant websites built using the WordPress content management system.

Bubba’s Restaurant is loaded with all of the features, bells and whistles we could fit into a slick, modern state-of-the-art design.

The Old Courthouse is a minimalist website design that has an warm & friendly “old school” look, but also runs the latest WordPress software behind the scenes.

The Old Courthouse Restaurant

Restaurant Website Lesson Plan

The 30 quick lessons on this website will give you all of the knowledge and walk you through all of the major decisions needed to build a restaurant, cafe, or tavern website that is attractive, effective, engaging, and as trouble-free as possible.

restaurant web guide lessons2

Click here for your first lesson: Website Platform Choices