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Cureat Restaurant Review App

Only Good News: The CUREAT Restaurant Review App

Is no good reviews the same as a bad restaurant review?

This is the concept behind CUREAT, the “Positive Space” restaurant review app that does not allow any actual reviews. You discover places to eat from the bookmarked, listed, and shared favorite places of your friends.

Via CureatApp.com:

CurEat is all about enabling consumers to find great independent restaurants. We encourage restaurateurs to claim their pages—which enables you to post pictures that represent your food and atmosphere. Unlike other sites, only restaurants can post photos to ensure appropriate and representative images are shown.

There are no reviews or ratings in our app. Consumers discover restaurants based on geography, our CurEaters, and their friends. We do filter our restaurant listings. If you do not find your restaurant in CurEat and believe it should be represented, please contact us and our team of advisors will review.

Even the best restaurants can get bad reviews, and poorly run establishments that get tons of bad reviews somehow stay in business. Do bad reviews really help anyone find a better meal?  Read our tips for Handling Customer Feedback.