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Lesson 1 – Website Builder

Choosing a Restaurant Website Builder

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Your first choice when building a restaurant website is the website builder platform you will use.

This is an important choice because the website builder platform is the most difficult thing to change once the website is built. Switching to a different website builder can be expensive and time consuming.

A website can easily be moved to another web hosting service and the features and information on a website can easily be changed, but switching to another website platform will require starting over practically from scratch.

A platform refers to the software a website is built on that stores, manages and updates the pages, and is more specifically called a Website Content Management System (CMS).

It is critical that you use a website CMS that is the right fit for your website needs and for the skill level of the persons working on the website.

A CMS can range in complexity from a simple website builder that will allow you to create basic text and image layouts in simple block designs, to complex & expensive publishing systems used by newspapers and magazines that do a lot of things automatically.

Many Different Website Builders

Every web hosting company offers some type of website builder, but they are mostly general purpose website builders. You should look for a CMS has a lot of restaurant websites built with it, and will support the restaurant specific features you will need such as flexible navigation, social media, easy updating and support for restaurant web services like OpenTable.

The two companies that we believe are the best fit for a restaurant website are SquareSpace and WordPress.

SquareSpace is website hosting and a CMS together. It is the very high end of website design, and also the most expensive, because you pay more per month as your site grows. A four star restaurant with a generous budget would likely find SquareSpace a good choice, especially if you want to outsource everything about the site including design, building and maintenance.

WordPress has been our choice for all of the recent websites we have built. It is the world’s most popular website CMS, with almost a quarter of all websites using it. In our opinion it is an ideal platform for a restaurant website, because it it easy to learn and very powerful. You can use WordPress with just about any website hosting service.

The lessons in this website are based on using WordPress, but most of the ideas and tips could be used with any website builder.

Your next website decision is choosing a hosting company that offers the website CMS that you have chosen.

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