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Index of Restaurant Website Lessons

A 30 lesson series of the most essential tips, tricks and techniques for building an effective restaurant website.

The first lessons cover website infrastructure, the second section covers the website itself and the final sections cover constructing and promoting your website.

Website Infrastructure

1. Platform Choices
2. Website Hosting Choices
3. About WordPress CMS
4. About Mobile Websites
5. Storing Stuff in the Cloud

Website Construction

6. Website Layout Fundamentals
7. Restaurant Menu Publishing Tips
8. Restaurant Specials
9. Extend Your Menu
10. About Us Page
11. What’s Nearby Page
12. Website Mailing List
13. Making Videos
14. Images & Slideshows
15. How to Label Images
16. Website Legal Pages
17. Contact Us & Directions
18. Catering Page
19. Creating a Website Logo
20. Design & Color Choices
21. Website Design Tips
22. SEO Basics

Website Promotion

23. Restaurants & Social Media
24. Local Directories
25. Restaurant Web Services
26. Google Website Tools
27. Customer & Website Visitor Q & A
28. Handling Customer Feedback

Ready to Build

29. Hiring a Web Designer
30. Website Case Studies

Bonus Case Study

31. Life after Restaurateur